Hi, I’m Staci, owner of Grit & Gloss Boutique!  A couple of years ago, I discovered two local boutiques.  Not only did I love their unique clothes and the small, intimate experience of shopping at their stores, I loved being able to support their small businesses and admired the women who owned those shops.  I would talk with them while I was shopping, and started noticing they weren’t that different from me...instead of just admiring these women and their establishments, I started to think, “If they can do this, I bet I could to”, and a little seed of inspiration was planted.  

In the fall of 2016, I had a surgery that required an extended bed rest and time off work.  It was a crossroads in my life; I was getting ready to turn 40, restless, unfulfilled, and coasting down a path that wasn’t making me happy.  My recovery provided me with a lot of time for reflection; I wanted something that was mine, which could help forge me a new path, one that could provide a sense of accomplishment and pride.  From my recovery bed, Grit & Gloss Boutique was born.

Although starting my own business was risky and way out of my comfort zone, it was invigorating, empowering, and felt right.  I wanted to bring the boutique brands and experience I had found to women just like me…women who wanted a little something extra when they shop, a personal shopping experience, luxurious fabrics, a little detail that sets a piece apart from the rest, and a flattering cut that can make you feel amazing.   

I have found that what I wear can make or break my day.  The right clothes can make you feel strong and confident…a force if you will.  Clothes and accessories can be instruments that channel your inner vibe. I aspire to bring beautiful, stylish clothes and accessories to you, packaged so that you feel like you’ve received a gift, minus the hassle of major retailers.  Grit & Gloss Boutique wants to help you feel strong, beautiful, unique, sexy, and confident.  

Are you Grit or Gloss?  Let’s find out together!